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System Approach

Just watch what Jasmi, a student at Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin, likes about the System Approach teaching philosophy...



Jasmin Stahl, Student at Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin

"I have learned a lot in this program, the most important thing being the “System Approach”--a new method of teaching. It is totally different from the traditional bottom-up way. Instead, it’s a top-down method. Before knowing every component, the students get to know the concept of the entire system."


Zhu Fangyuan, Teacher at NJCIT, Nanjing, China

"I feel that working with an entire system then breaking it down to a single component then fundamentals is an approach that helps to spark student interest and initiative."

Teacher from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, U.S.A.

"System Approach is the most special feature for me in this program; it is the best way to learn the interdisciplinary areas of the engineering sciences. The benefits of the approach are: it can make complex problems easier, the students can experience the real system, and they can combine their acquired theoretical and practical experiences very well." 

Gan Yan Ping, Teacher at NJCIT, Nanjing, China