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About SMSCP Program

"This program gives students great possibilities to find a good job, and lets them experience some enterprise culture. Also the SMSCP teaches the students the spirit of team work."

- Duan Xiangjun, Teacher at NJCIT, Nanjing, China

The SMSCP helped Motlow State Community College to create a comprehensive skills mechatronics program that meets the needs of industry.

- Fred Rascoe, Director of Career Readiness, Motlow State Community College, USA
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I want to work for a big company. Learning many different fields could give me a wide variety of trades and skills that could help me get the job I am looking for.

- Justin Fuller , Mechatronics Student from California University of Pennsylvania, USA

I chose the Mechatronics program because it sounded interesting and it's a field on the rise. I am looking forward to using the various [FESTO] machines.

-Patrick Schardt, Mechatronics Student from California University of Pennsylvania, USA

The reason why I chose Mechatronics as my major is because it was exactly what field I want to go in when I graduate. I'm currently looking forward to the robotics part of this major. This major is everything I could ask for. My intentions for when I finish with this degree is to hopefully get a job at a well known company, such as Siemens.

- Micheal Sobieralski, Mechatronics Student from California University of Pennsylvania, USA

Students who successfully finished the mechatronics program at Motlow College and the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program come into the plant and hit the ground running from the first day on.

- Richard Kind, Yorozu Automotive, USA



Yeongnam Times
Gwang-Soon Kim, a graduate of Yeungnam University College, Marching into a Major Company
On the 24th of last month, Kim Gwang Soon, a graduate of a local college, received the final acceptance letter from Hyundai Wia. Hyundai Wia is considered to be a global top manufacturer of comprehensive machines with good employee welfare and benefit programs.

Equipped with SMSCP international certifications
The SMSCP certification was the most influential factor in achieving his success. The SMSCP program offered by the college through an agreement with Siemens, and his outstanding performance in the program allowed him to receive training along with 10 other colleagues at the head-quarters of Siemens Korea.

Daily UNN
Raising Self-Confidence in terms of Studying and Employment with Siemens Academy
SMSCP (Siemens Mechatronics Systems Certification Program)

Mr. Sung took a special SMSCP course and gained the level 1 certification last year. He aims to secure the level 2 certification this summer vacation. He said, " The college provides various education programs for raising the engineering competence of students" and " I will work at a place where I am actually wanted."

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