Siemens Certifications

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Level 2 - Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Associate

Certified Level 2 students are able to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge to fulfill the tasks listed within the Level 2 Job Profile. Level 2 conforms to the so called mechatronic systems technician, or a systems technician job profile with unique adaptive expertise / "Handlungskompetenz“. Emphasis is placed on systems management, investigation, repair and troubleshooting. In addition to the purely technical aspects covered in Level 2, students learn how to work in a team, manage a process while developing their project skills which are required in order to acquire the more highly-paid technical positions.

Partner schools are encouraged to organize significant practical process and project management exercises. This combination of practical, hands-on training and management skills supports the development of " Handlungskompetenz " among students.

Click here for the Level 2 Job Profile