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Mechatronic Training Systems

Here you can find some information about the systems, that are used during the SMSCP Course.
SMSCP Hardware Requirements
There are three different systems for your reference: Gear Sorting, Festo Bottle Filling and the Amatrol Line.

Gear Sorting Line

In this system, first, sensors determine the gears material composition, and whether or not a bushing is present. Next, the gears are transported via pivoting arm to the bushing press, where the bushings are either installed or removed. A conveyor belt then moves the gears to the proper storage chute.

Festo Bottle Filling Line

This system utilizes mechatronic process automation and control system technologies. The task of this six-module facility is to fill bottles with liquid at an appropriate temperature, cover them with a lid, and sort them into lines for storage. The facility contains six modules that can be tested and operated as a full system or individually.

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Amatrol Line

These stations allow students to gain hands-on experience with features such as material feeding systems, pneumatic manipulation, powered parts feeder, vacuum grippers, hall effect sensors, and magnetic sensors. The system is ideal for team work, and stations can be utilized in sequence with others or individually.

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