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Feedback from teachers applying Level 1:

The teacher Zhu Fangyuan said “The Siemens Certification Program gives me a good teaching method—system approach, it is a kind of top down approach, it is different from the traditional bottom up approach, I think it is more intuitive than the traditional one, and especially for the inter-disciplinary area of the engineering sciences, the system approach is easier to make the students understand. On the other hand, the certification program is a good chance for the teachers to improve themselves, to widen their minds. I like this program, I will try my best to do it well.”

Feedback from students applying Level 1:

The student Shi Lieqiu said “By this certification program, I know what system approach is, it is amazing, which gives me a great chance to have a close look to a real existing system, makes me clearly know how system works, and attracts me to find why system can work correctly, all of this give me a lot of fun, I enjoy it” The student Li Qinghe said ”The Siemens Certification Program made me have a deeper insight into professional education.”

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